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O antifás was there

Matching partners

Roberto Vidal Bolaño

Let´s play domino!!

A nice and different cover



That’s the cover for the notebook we will bring in Germany.


Do you like it?


As usual, we must thank Joaquín our Arts teacher… 😉



Here you are the domino we prepared to play with our partners in Germany. You can find people from a lot of different fields (sport, music, litterature, politics, cinema…) and historical periods.

We have already played and we found it quite fun. Besides we have learnt a lot about famous people in our country!! 😉

Play with and enjoy!!

Boiro, our town

Next trip

Hi everybody!! We’re back for a new scholar year and new proyects and adventures. The next one is our trip to Bad-Dürheim (Germany). We’re ten pupils and two teachers and we’ll be there from 14th to 19h october.

Here you are the schedule for the week:

– arrival of the partners in Stuttgart
– evening in host families

– games and project presentation (German students) at our school in Bad Dürrheim
– paper chase / city game in Bad Dürrheim
– lunch at school
– walk and high ropes course in Triberg (Black Forest)
– official reception at school

– project presentation (French students) at school in Bad Dürrheim
– trip to Freiburg with city rallye and visit to the cathedral

– project presentation (Polish students) at school in Bad Dürrheim
– trip to Konstanz with city game and boat trip

– project presentation (Spanish students) at school in Bad Dürrheim
– lessons at school
– lunch at school
– sports tournament (don’t worry, that’ll be “easy” sports:)
– farewell party and school disco

– in families / departure

The Galician Letters.

This year, the Galician Letters are dedicated to Roberto Vidal Bolaño, who was a galician writer and actor.


He was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1950. He began in the theatrical world of the hand of the group Antroido, in which he represented as actor his first works. Vidal Bolaño was one of the major makers of the professionalization of the Galician theatre. Later he was announced as playwright and set designer.  He filmed statements of big Galician writers of the 20th century.

Besides as playwright, he stood out in the audio-visual arts, doing scripts for the Television of Galicia and for Spanish Television. He also worked as actor at some television programs of very much prestige.

His production is characterized by the commitment with the country, the language and tradition, both educated and popular, literary and historical, social and political.

He obtained several prizes, both Galicians and Portuguese.

Roberto died in his natal city at 2002,  and his work and personality marked the youngest playwrights.